Parents should schedule newborn photos in the second or third trimester to ensure they are on the photographer’s agenda. Weeks 1-8 of newborn life are ideal for capturing tiny babies. Pre-week 6 is, to be honest, even better. Most of my best sleeping poses were captured around week 5 and earlier. Some babies as young as 2 weeks old cry the whole session. You never know what you might get. Keep reading to know when to schedule newborn photos.

When Is the Best Time to Schedule Newborn Photos

From a theoretical standpoint, it’s never too early to schedule professional photography sessions for older infants or young toddlers. However, each stage in a baby’s development brings with it different considerations.

Instead of looking at your newborn photography session through a “how late is too late” angle, it’s better to look at prospective sessions through the lens of “what does each week – or month –  bring to this experience?”

Week 1 and Week 2: The Ideal Window to Hold a Newborn Session

Worth Noting: You will want to book your session well before your baby is born in order to get this perfect window. You can rest assured that you will get a slot on the calendar of your chosen photographer.

What You Can Expect: Newborns between weeks 1 and 2 are still in the womb-like state, so it is easy to recreate those familiar, tightly bundled poses.

Weeks 3-5: Still Great, Especially for Preemies and Twins

Special Note: Some babies can be extremely sensitive to external stimuli, such as touch, light, sounds, movement, or handling by anyone other than their mother/immediate caregivers. They are unable to be photographed professionally after week 8. Your baby’s safety and comfort are paramount during the session. It’s worth rescheduling a newborn photo session for a later date if your baby seems to be extra sensitive.

What to Expect: Weeks 3 through 5 are still sweet times – it all depends on the baby. Preemies and twins, for example, will still be born as newborns. But they can adjust to post-neonatal ward life. Photographs of babies who spent more time in the NICU will be taken during Week 3 through Week 5. They are also happier.

Weeks 6-8: Less Than Ideal, But Still Beautiful Photos

Noteworthy: You should let go of any expectations about the poses between weeks 6-8 because you can’t know what your infant will like.

What to expect: This is not the best window, especially if you want that newborn look. Your two-month-old, who is active and alert, will require a customized approach unless your infant is remarkably calm and compliant.

Week 9 to Four Months: You Can Skip It

What you can expect: Most professional newborn photographers will say “hold on, we’ll see ya in month 4 or 6”. The reason is that your baby is too large and awake to look like a newborn, but still can’t hold his/her own head or sit by himself. We, photographers, find this a bit confusing so we recommend waiting to book professional sessions for a later date.

4 to 6 months: The Milestone Session

What to expect: Your 3-month-old or 6-month-old baby is enormous compared to their newborn self. Yet, the baby seems remarkably small compared to the time they will start kindergarten. If you look at babyhood from a lifelong perspective, photos of older babies are exceptional because they highlight an inexplicable phase in your child’s life.

Book a Newborn Session Today!

If you’ve missed that window of opportunity, there are plenty of other variables to consider if you want to truly capture your baby’s unique personality. And never feel the pressure to choose your baby’s photos quickly—the best photos are often chosen months or even years after they are taken! So take the time you need, and make sure to keep Christina Louise Photography in mind when you’re ready. We’ll be ready for the new baby photos so we can capture that special bond forever!

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