When Should I Book My Maternity Photo Shoot?

Are you unsure when to take Maternity Photos in your area? This blog will provide you with all the details and process information that you need to feel confident when booking your maternity photo shoot.

It is magical to find out that you are pregnant and watch your baby grow inside of you. Your due date gets closer, and your belly grows bigger. Soon, you’ll be ready to welcome your baby into the world. You will be shopping for little clothes, setting up a nursery, and packing your hospital bag. Your entire life will be consumed by this tiny person.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the spotlight on your life before everything else? You can achieve this by having professional maternity photos taken before your baby arrives. A maternity photo shoot can be a wonderful way to document your journey to motherhood. It will capture your life, experiences, and current position. Your maternity photos will show the beauty and potential of your body. These photos are a great way to remember a special time in your life and allow you to look back on them later. Here’s where I can help.

For years, I’ve been photographing soon-to-be mothers. It is a joy to see their glowing faces in front of my camera. I can help you find the ideal location for maternity photography in St Petersburg FL. You will feel stunning in any of my dresses. I can also provide a gallery with beautiful memories and photos. To schedule your maternity photo shoot, simply contact me. Are you unsure when to book your photo session? Let me help. These are some tips to help you choose the best time to show off your baby bump.

When Should You Take Maternity Photos?

My mantra for a maternity photos session is to feel happy and comfortable. This is usually between 30-and 36 weeks, in most cases during the 7th and 8th months of pregnancy. Your belly will appear rounder and your bub won’t have fallen too low yet, which will make your belly look larger.

A maternity photo shoot is a great time to do it at the beginning of your third trimester. You can schedule your photos earlier if your belly is larger than normal and you are comfortable with your bump. If you are unsure, it is a good idea to schedule your photos sooner.

If you schedule your photoshoot too soon or close to your due date, it is possible that you feel tired and uncomfortable. Be aware that sometimes babies arrive unexpectedly. Past clients have lost out on the opportunity to capture their pregnancy because their bub arrived a few weeks too early. I believe it is always better to be prepared.

All Pregnancies Are Not The Same

Most soon-to-be-mums find that the 7th and 8th months work best. This may not be the best time for you because every woman is different and each pregnancy is unique. Your feelings and the best time to have a maternity shoot will determine what is most appropriate. To determine if you’re ready to take the camera out, be aware of the changes in your body as well as your growing baby bump. Every pregnancy is unique, regardless of whether it’s your first or 10th. While you may have been happy for 36 weeks with your first child, it is possible that you will have a completely different experience the second time around. It is important to make the best decision for yourself. I recommend that you book your session when you feel good.

When Is The Best Time To Book Maternity Photographs For Twins Or Triplets?

If you’re expecting twins, triplets, or more, this is another exception. If you are experiencing twins or triplets, it is a good idea to schedule maternity photos earlier. If you are still unsure about when to schedule your maternity photo shoot, I recommend that it be taken in your second trimester (or at 20-24 weeks). If you have more than one child, your baby bump will be established by the second trimester. You will feel comfortable and happy and you can still move freely. Most multiple pregnancies will have a shorter delivery time so it is worth considering when booking your photoshoot.

Final Thought

Maternity photos are about capturing the amazing changes in your body. It’s all about connection and life. What is the best time to take maternity photos? You feel the best time to take maternity photos. Although I believe 30-36 weeks is the best time for maternity photos, this may not work for you. It is up to you to choose when you want to take your photos. However, I suggest that you schedule your session earlier than you think to maximize your session. Are you ready to book your maternity session?  I guarantee a fun and easy experience, where we can just hang out and take the photos you’ve always wanted. I can help you locate the perfect outfit and the right place to make you feel like a goddess.

Schedule A Photo Shoot With Christina Louise

Your experience is just as important as your images; you should connect with your professional St Petersburg maternity photographer and be excited to work with them! Being comfortable with whoever is taking these photos will help you relax in front of the camera, which makes for lovely photos you’ll want to share with family and friends.

Christina Louise Photography specializes in maternity portraits, capturing the intimate moments of maternity, motherhood, and childhood. As visual storytellers, we turn your most intimate moments into lasting memories. Contact us today to learn more about scheduling a photo shoot and view our Photo session packages!

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