New parents can find it difficult to choose what to wear to a newborn photo session. It’s hard to choose a wardrobe for any photo session, but it can be even more difficult when choosing what to wear for your newborn. It’s stressful because of the changing body of a mom, dad’s nervousness, and unpredictable newborns. But don’t worry, here are my top tips to wear on your newborn photo session.

What to Wear to a Newborn Photo Session

1. Let Mom Choose Her Outfit First

newborn photo session

It is important for everyone to feel comfortable. I recommend that the mom chooses her outfit first and then finds something that she feels comfortable in. Layers or loose clothing is a good option if the mom has concerns about her post-pregnancy body. As I photograph from many angles, I suggest a higher neckline for moms who are conscious of their cleavage. After the outfit has been chosen, the partner can choose something that they love with complementary colors.

2. Consider Which Photos Will Be Displayed

When choosing a newborn session outfit, consider the final results and how they will be used in the home. If your home is mostly pastels and neutrals, then you don’t want loud or bold clothing. You can also choose bold contrast if that is what you want.

3. Get Comfy

I tell my newborn photography clients that I want them to be as relaxed as possible. They should wear whatever is comfortable for them. People won’t photograph well if they are uncomfortable!

4. Wear Neutrals

I always advise my clients to wear neutral clothing during their newborn photo sessions. It helps prevent color casts on the skin. Since I use only natural light for my photography sessions, this is a must-have.

5. Receive Inspiration From Your Home Decor Style

I love to work with the colors of the client’s house. We use a lighter palette to complement the natural colors in their home if they have more neutral tones. We work with clients who have a more eclectic style to add color and texture to their home.

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6. Limit Prints & Patterns

To coordinate the entire family’s wardrobe for their newborn photo session. I always recommend that no more than two people wear a print or pattern.

7. Make It Personal

I like to ask parents if they have any personal ideas that they would like to include in their newborn session. This family had a friend make this bassinet for their new family member. It was beautiful and I love adding personal items that mean something to family members. It is something I want to keep with them for many years.

8. Make It Easy for New Moms

For hospital newborn fresh 48 sessions, I suggest that mamas wear neutral-colored crossover robes (gray is my favorite color). This is great for mamas just giving birth, as they don’t need to wear an outfit. The robe is very flattering for all body types and has a waist tie. 

9. Keep It Simple for Your Children

For babies, I suggest that they only wear a diaper and a wrap. I want photos of babies in just a diaper. Also, I ask parents to bring any special swaddles to include in the newborn photos. Our studio also brings a gift swaddle in case they don’t have the hospital swaddle.

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