maternity beach photoshoot

The Gorgeous Maternity Beach Photoshoot Of Your Dreams

Are you looking to capture your beautiful bump with a beach maternity photoshoot and create some beautiful photos? You’re either planning ahead or pregnant now, and ready to have a photo shoot at the beach? Maternity photos can be beautiful, especially when we combine them with stunning sunsets. A maternity beach photoshoot is a great way to capture stunning sunset photos.

The beach is a wonderfully romantic and naturally beautiful place. It would be a wonderful experience to travel to the beach to capture these moments for a weekend. Below are some photos that will convince you to book your maternity Photoshoot and commonly asked questions about their maternity beach photoshoot. 

Do You Need Maternity Pictures?

Being a mother is one of the most memorable experiences in life. You may be thinking about a maternity shoot as a way to celebrate your pregnancy. We are here to help! While nine months might seem long, the funny thing about life is that it can fly by. Your bundle of joy will be here before you know it. You may feel like you are missing your baby bump. Maternity photoshoots, also known as pregnancy photoshoots, are a great way to remember this moment in your life. The professional St Petersburg maternity photographer will take amazing photos during your maternity session that will be treasured for a lifetime, no matter if you are in your first or third trimester.

What Is A Good Time For A Shoot?

The “golden hour” is my absolute favorite time of the day to photograph a location. The light at the end of the day is simply stunning. Although we could have sunrise, it would require us both to dedicate ourselves to getting there at 4.30 AM. The golden hour is the best. The last hour before sunset is the best time to enjoy soft light. It is a beautiful golden glow that we all love in photos. You can take advantage of the golden light to get great sunset photos. The right lighting is crucial for your maternity beach photoshoot. Sunset can happen late in summer, so I recommend Beach sessions between 5-8 pm to get the best of the light.

Can I Bring My Spouse?

Absolutely! 100% yes! Fathers-to-be are equally excited about their new baby and can often be overlooked. You can include him in as many photos of the baby as you wish. You will look fantastic in photos if you wear a simple, pale-colored shirt and shorts. While dads enjoy the time spent with their babies, they sometimes get forgotten.

Should I Bring My Children?

Yes, you can. It is so much fun to photograph the older children during Maternity sessions. They get super excited about their new brother/sister’s arrival. Take the children to bed at night if you are planning on going to sunset.

Which Stage Of My Pregnancy Is The Best For Photos?

This is a great question. It really does vary for everyone. Some women have tiny bumps at 38 weeks, while others are completely exhausted and “popped” at 30 weeks. In general, I recommend scheduling a session between 28-36 weeks. You can still feel “blooming” even if you’re tired or frustrated. This will allow you to look back at the photos and be amazed by your bump while still being able to get back to your car after taking your steps on the beach. Walking on the sand can be tiring, even if you are not pregnant. If you add pregnancy to the mix, you might be exhausted later in your pregnancy.

How Do I Schedule A Maternity Photoshoot? Contact Christina Louise

Your maternity beach photoshoot experience is just as important as your images; you should connect with your Professional maternity photographer and be excited to work with them! Being comfortable with whoever is taking these photos will help you relax in front of the camera, which makes for lovely photos you’ll want to share with family and friends.
Christina Louise Maternity Photography specializes in maternity photography in St Petersburg FL, capturing the intimate moments of maternity, motherhood, and childhood. As visual storytellers, we turn your most intimate moments into lasting memories. Contact us today to learn more about scheduling a photoshoot and our maternity photography packages!

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