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You’re probably looking for a St Petersburg family photographer and you’ve likely discovered how many options are available in Tampa Bay. There are many factors to consider and it can be difficult to choose the right photographer if you’re working with someone for the first time. These are some things you should consider before hiring your next family photographer in St Petersburg FL!


Each St Petersburg FL family photographer will have their own style. Some photographers shoot exclusively in traditional film and others in digital. Others may combine both. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer a studio session with flash or an outdoor session using natural light. It’s possible to compare their editing styles: some professional family photographers use brighter colors and others use darker shadows and deeper tones. Every photographer poses differently. There are some photographers who only take traditional smile-at-the-camera poses. Others may do a mixture of candid and posed shots. Some others will offer little instruction and simply follow the family’s lead. Scrolling through Instagram using a #Stpetefamilyphotographer hashtag, or something similar, can give you an idea of all the different photography styles there are, and you can decide which one you best connect with or would like to see hanging on your walls!

Business Model

When hiring a professional photographer for a St Petersburg family photography, another factor to consider is how you want your photos delivered. You can only order prints through some photographers who have a business model. However, you may pay a lower session fee. Others charge a higher upfront fee to ensure you have the digital files once the session is done. These family photographers are often called “Shoot and Share Photographers”. Some photographers deliver images on USB drives while others only use online galleries. You should understand the business model that you prefer and then ask your photographer how they deliver their images.

A Complete Gallery

It is tempting to base your decision on a beautiful Instagram feed. Remember that Instagram will typically show one image from a whole gallery. You should also check out their other portfolios. Visit their website to see the best images and reach out to them to request a complete gallery from one of their family sessions. This will give you an idea of what to expect when creating your gallery.


One thing I believe is often overlooked when selecting a St Petersburg family photographer to work with you is:

Photographer Relationship

This is, regardless of whether you realize it or otherwise, the most important aspect of your family photo session. You think you have found the right photographer. She matches your style and you love her use of light. But when you meet them in person, it becomes clear that your personalities are not compatible. Many people are unaware that your perception of the photos will reflect how you feel about them. You won’t love the photos as much if you don’t feel comfortable with your photographer or if they communicated with you in a way you didn’t like, no matter how gorgeous the edit or the location, even if it was obvious why.

When trying to find a photographer to photograph my family, the first thing I do is read their About page. Reading their personal pages helps me get a feel for them. I enjoy seeing pictures of them to get a feel for their personalities. If you feel you have found the “one”, don’t hesitate to contact them and have a chat over the phone before you commit! This will help you make a decision about whether to hire them or not. It will also make it easier to feel calmer and more comfortable with them on the day of your session.

Natural light family photographers are known for their clean and classic edits. They capture true color and life in a way that is both natural and timeless. Family photo sessions can either be done indoors or outdoors. However, the golden hour is always a favorite. During family photography sessions, we will capture both candid and posed shots and include a variety of people and groups. You will receive your images via an online gallery so that you can choose the images you wish to download.

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Your experience is just as important as your images; you should connect with your photographer and be excited to work with them! Being comfortable with whoever is taking these photos will help you relax in front of the camera, which makes for lovely photos you’ll want to share with family and friends.

Christina Louise Maternity Photography is a St Petersburg family photographer capturing the intimate moments of maternity, motherhood, and childhood. As visual storytellers, we turn your most intimate moments into lasting memories. Contact us today to learn more about scheduling a photo shoot and our maternity photography packages!

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