Maternity Photography Lakeland FL

Having a maternity session is a great way to document your family’s growing book of memories.  From the first moment you find out you are pregnant, to the day you deliver your baby, taking a maternity photography session in Lakeland FL will be one of the most memorable times of your life.

Although pregnancy is not always easy, it can also have some very beautiful moments. Maternity photos will be a wonderful way to document this transformation. These are the reasons every mama-to-be should book a maternity session.

You’re Going to Miss Your Bump, Whether You Believe It Or Not!

As time passes, your bump will become less noticeable. Although it won’t feel like it at first, as your baby grows, you will be able to scroll through your monthly pregnancy photos while rubbing your belly.

After the baby is over, you will be able to wander down nostalgia lane and recall all those baby kicks. These moments are especially important because you won’t be pregnant forever and your pregnancy will go by faster than you expected.

You will always have maternity photos to remind you of the magical time when your baby was born. You will smile every time you look at those gorgeous photos of yourself.

You’ll Be Stunned at How Beautiful You Feel

You have probably heard the expressions “You are glowing!” and “Pregnancy suits you!” from different people during your pregnancy. You may not always feel beautiful during pregnancy, due to the cankles and urge to eat everything you see.

In reality, most pregnant women experience a decrease in self-confidence with each passing month. It may seem like your ever-growing tummy is the best excuse to not take photos for nine months. But it’s actually the exact opposite!

Realizing the beauty of your day is what you should be celebrating, and how you are growing as a person. You can dress up in a way to highlight your bump and do some pampering (hello pedicure!). A session for photography may be the best thing for you if you are feeling blue.

Taking Maternity Photos Will Strengthen Your Bond With Your Spouse

It’s a great way for you to bond with your partner and celebrate the new life that you are creating. This is your last chance to capture how you are evolving as a couple and becoming a family.

Many fathers have difficulty bonding with their child while they are still in the uterus. Because they don’t experience pregnancy the same as their spouses, it can be more difficult for them to bond with their child until the time it is born.

New fathers can strengthen their emotional bonds with their baby by taking maternity photos. Your spouse and your baby can bond together, which will help you both to reestablish your relationship.

You Can Show As Much (Or As Little) As You Want

Many women celebrate and capture the physical changes they experience during pregnancy. Others prefer to keep it simple. We can work with you to determine your needs and level of comfort.

The latest trend in maternity photography is flowing fabrics. These cover certain parts of your body, while showing the rest. Take screenshots of photos you like while you look and we can turn them into lasting memories during our maternity photography session in Lakeland FL.

These visual cues can help us understand what look you are after. It’s all about making you happy and comfortable with your photos.

As Your Child Grows, You’ll Love Looking Back at the Pictures

Time flies by the moment your baby is in your arms. You might be learning how to swaddle from a nurse, but the next thing you know, you are chasing a toddler around Target’s aisles.

You will likely find yourself thinking back to your pregnancies and the quietness of your house as your baby grows. It will be fun to reflect on the time you had with your baby, and your maternity pictures will be a great reminder of that time.

These Photos Will Be Treasured

Every mommy-to-be should have a maternity session on her list.

It doesn’t matter how difficult it is to see now, time moves quickly. Your child will soon be showing these photos to their child. You will be able to show your grandchild, who may only see you as the granny with gray hair who always offers a hug or a cookie, a different side to you.

It’s also a wonderful gift for your spouse and yourself. This is something that the entire family will treasure for a lifetime.

Book a Maternity Photography Session in Lakeland FL

Your experience is as important as the images. You should get to know your professional photographer and be eager to work with them. Also, you will feel more relaxed with the person taking your photos, which will result in beautiful photos that you can share with friends and family.

Christina Louise Photography captures intimate moments of motherhood, maternity and childhood. We are visual storytellers who turn your most intimate moments into lasting memories. Contact us today for more information and to view our photo session packages.