A professional maternity shoot is a great way for expecting mothers to capture their journey and remember their pregnancy. These are some tips to help you look and feel great during your maternity photography in Lakeland.

How to Choose a Maternity Photographer

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You should choose a photographer who best suits your style. There are many options. Do you prefer in-home maternity? Studio maternity? A soft, airy palette? Fashionista modern with bright colors Boho chic? Or a belly boudoir? You can rest assured that you will receive the images you desire by choosing your maternity photographer based on their style.


Check out their portfolio and see their most recent sessions. Are they well-posed and photographed? Do they use flattering poses and good angles? Are the images sharp and properly exposed using good lighting?


Although years of experience do not always translate into quality, many photographers with years of experience have had the opportunity to improve their craft.


Photography is not cheap, just like any other quality product or service. Why? It is difficult to create high-quality images. At the same time, it is art! Even worse, bad photography can be costly. You wasted your money and time if you didn’t love your photos. You will spend more money and time to get better photos if you have the chance to reshoot. It is cheaper to do it right in the first shot.

Professional Makeup & Hair

Professional makeup and hair are something I strongly recommend. This will make the job of your maternity photographer easier and you will look beautiful and confident during your maternity session.

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Your photographer will guide you through the process of posing to ensure you look your best. Maternity photos are different from other portraits because they focus on you, your feelings, as well as the bond you share with your baby. Maternity poses like hands on the belly or looking down at your baby’s belly, are a way to express emotions and connect with your baby. Other maternity poses emphasize the beauty of your body’s curves.


Consider the location of your maternity shoot and the advantages/disadvantages of them.


Comfort and proximity to family are two of the advantages of a home. The weather is not an issue. You will need to clean the house in order to make it look nice for the photos. Lighting may not be ideal. Don’t worry, we will discuss the best way to address this issue. If necessary, experienced photographers will use portable flash.


Convenience and control are the keys to your advantage. Shooting is possible regardless of the weather.


It is breathtaking to see the natural beauty of a pregnant lady against a stunning outdoor backdrop. It is powerful to see the parallel between a mother and Mother Nature. However, the downsides to this shoot are that it is weather dependent and the shooting hours are limited to sunrise or sunset when natural light is at its peak. Reschedules can be made and could result in the rescheduling or cancelation of related appointments.

A great session for maternity photography in Lakeland will not only produce beautiful images but will also help you feel confident.

Book a Maternity Session With Christina Louise

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some helpful tips if you’re going to have a maternity photo shoot. The end result is an elegant and timeless addition to your family album and can capture the joy of this special moment.

Christina Louise Photos‘ maternity sessions focus on the creative and ethereal themes in natural settings. The captured moments are genuine and authentic and are a testament not just to the wonders of pregnancy and childbirth, but also to the bond between the mother and her soon-to-be newborn. 

We are the best Lakeland outdoor maternity photographer. Be sure to check out our maternity photoshoot gallery for more examples of our work. Book a Lakeland maternity session with us today!