Mar 13 Written By Christina Maggio


This natural creek motherhood session was near and dear to my heart for several reasons. Not only is Blair one of my closest friends, but I’ve had the honor of watching baby Bowie grow through every milestone this past year. From her maternity session, to newborn, to her 1st birthday, and every beautiful moment in-between.

When I asked Blair to get nekky in the woods for me at the end of our session, she naturally laughed and said “hell yeah!”. Within minutes of taking these magical images, I knew they would be some of my forever favorites. Cherished by not only myself and Mama, but Bowie for decades to come.

My vision for this session was to capture the raw, natural beauty that is a mother and her child. The intimate connection that occurs while looking down at their sweet eyes gazing up at you in sweet content. The skin-on-skin, the nose kisses, the dirt covered toes, the nipple tugs, the laughs… the way her body nestles into your chest so perfectly, as if it was made to hold hers all along.

“…If I tell her I love her a million times a day, maybe, just maybe, she’ll learn: that even in my flaws, my lack, and my mistakes, I gave her my entire heart.”

— My Motherhood Monologue by Tess Guinery


In my eyes, Motherhood is the most magical and beautiful season of life. A season to be celebrated and cherished. I yearn to capture your most intimate moments, and in return leave you with unforgettable moments like these to hang on your wall and relive over and over. For you, and decades to come, to feel those memories through a photo. Are you ready to book your Motherhood Session? Let’s capture your story.