Maternity and newborn photography are one of the rapidly growing segments of the photography industry. What makes maternity and newborn photos so special? What is it that makes them so different from other types of portraits? We are going to answer all your questions right here, so keep reading!

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Why Do I Need a Maternity Photoshoot?


It’s a time for celebration! While you’re planning for a beautiful life, it’s possible that you’ll only be ‘looking pregnant” for three to four months. Most people consider photography an integral part of a wedding day. Make sure you capture every moment and never forget it. It’s a beautiful time filled with love and is a significant moment in a couple’s life. It’s no different for pregnant couples!

Your world changes the instant you learn you are pregnant. Whether it is your sixth or first child, you will have a new little person in your life. Maternity photoshoots allow you to capture this brief time in your family history so you never forget it. These photos will become little treasures that you can pass on to your child as heirlooms. The most important day of your life deserves to be celebrated with the best maternity photographer St Petersburg has to offer. Together, let’s capture your story. Book with Christina Louise today!

Treat Yourself to Something Special and Feel Amazing

I know from personal experience that very few women feel the stereotypical ‘glowing” feeling of pregnancy. Stop thinking about that thought right now. These things might make you feel tired, nauseous, and swollen. But these aren’t the same things everyone around you sees or feels. An amazing woman is growing a child or two! She is a strong woman who nurtures a child inside her, giving everything she has!

Bond With Your Partner

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure you have done some bonding in order to be in this situation in the first instance. This pregnancy is not just about your baby or you and your baby. It’s also about you and your partner. 

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One of the best ways to grow closer to your partner before becoming a parent is by taking maternity photos. Whether you’re moving towards a new family home, about to become new parents for the first time, or looking forward to an unplanned pregnancy, maternity photography can help you get closer to your partner and develop romantic memories that last a lifetime.

Why Do I Need a Newborn Photoshoot?


Being a parent for the first time (or again!) can be quite a whirlwind. It has changed the course of my life for the better, but I doubt it will ever be the same. Although you might believe that you have the perfect time to photograph your children, the truth is that time does fly. For the first 2 weeks of their lives, newborns are in a sleepy, cuddled up, adorable stage. After that, their faces changed quickly. So I recommend booking your St Petersburg newborn photography session between days 7 and 14, so you get the best shots of all their sleepy snuggly cuddles.

Capture the Details

A newborn photographer will capture all the little details that your baby is capable of. You will be amazed at all the little details that your baby has, such as their smiles, their cheeks, and intricate fingers. A professional photographer can capture these details with their macro lens.

Book a Maternity and Newborn Photography Session Now!

Christina Louise Photos is a maternity and newborn photographer based in Florida. We capture expectant mothers, their partners, and newborns in beautiful photographs that celebrate the new babies entering their world. From the moment you meet us, we will make sure you are comfortable and feel confident in front of our lens.

Whether your maternity and newborn photography session take place in your home or at our favorite locations throughout Florida, we believe every family deserves to have photos as beautiful as they are. Be sure to check out our maternity and newborn photoshoot gallery. Book me today!